Life with kids in Sydney's Inner West
Life with kids in Sydney's Inner West

Our favourite Inner West scooter tracks!

It’s so much fun to grab the little ones and their scooter and head off for a walk – you get to walk and they love the independence of riding their scooters ahead of you. There’s plenty of great scootering tracks in the Inner West and best of all, many of them pass through a playground or two and sometimes even pass by a cafe! Win-Win!

Many of these little excursions are part of the Cooks River Cycleway, so you can actually join them together and do the entire thing – appropriate for slightly older kids on bikes but might be slow going with little legs!

It’s an amazing park any way you look at it, but on a scooter its a hoot and it’s so big – you can cover some ground! This park has it all, scooter paths through the rolling hills, an incredible playground, a cafe for lunch (or BBQs if you prefer to BYO). And then there’s the fountains.. huge expanses of water spouting out of the ground, perfectly positioned to scooter straight through! Bring a towel – you’ll need one!

We love Dean Reserve and it’s a great start/finish point for a little scooter excursion! This small neighbourhood hidden gem has a small carpark so if you have to drive it’s a good option for a starting point. The park itself is wonderful and has a little BMX activity circuit.

Head south east from Dean Reserve along the Cooks River Cycleway. The track follows the Cooks River through Ford Park and into Eliott Reserve. The path is nice and wide and winds through the trees on the banks of the river. Turn around at Punchbowl Road and head back the way you came. Back at Dean Reserve you can play in a wonderful playground (toilets included) or why not stop for lunch, there’s BBQ facilities and picnic tables all under shade.

Kick off your excursion at Steel Park (where you can hopefully find a park to drop car if you have to! Follow the Cooks River Cycleway through the playground and down beside the river. The path winds its way along the river to Mackey Park. Stay on the cycleway along the edge of the park to Bayview Avenue where you can cross the river and head back the way you came. The route back winds it’s way along the river through Gough Whitlam Park (a great stop for a play and maybe a coffee). Then follow the path back towards Illawarra Road and a rendezvous with the car after a play in the park of course.

Tempe Station to Tempe Recreation Reserve (3km)

This little scooter adventure starts at Tempe Station carpark. Head to the southern end of the carpark and head down the path. The track takes you under the train line and then out into Kendrick Park. Head through Kendrick Park and cross the Princes Highway at the traffic lights.

Once you’re on the other side head down Holbeach Avenue and rejoin the dedicated bike path at the roundabout. This path runs along the edge of the river all the way around to the airport side of Tempe Reserve, you can even stop and watch the adults racing their model cars! Once around the other side of the Reserve you’ll find the Tempe Reserve Recreation Playground. It’s worth a visit. There are also plenty of shaded picnic tables and some BBQs dotted around the place.

After a playground stop we continued on all the way around the oval and rejoined Holbeach Avenue. From their we retraced our steps back to Tempe Station.

It’s a scootering with a million dollar view at Mort Bay Park and Ballast Point Park, both in Birchgrove.

Mort Bay Park is the location of an old dry dock, there’s plenty of flat scooter paths here plus a very cool little playground. You can scooter all the way around the corner to Ballast Point Park.

Ballast Point Park has heaps of scooter paths, right along the edge of Sydney Harbour and throughout the peninsular behind.

Sydney Park, St Peters

If you’re more about traffic lights and speed bumps than riverside paths and bush tracks, this might be for you!

A scooter option like no other! The Sydney Park Cycling Centre provides a scooter experience with a difference. The kids absolutely love scootering around obeying the traffic lights (hopefully) and stopping at stop signs. Once you’re sick of the traffic, head further into the park for some less urbanised scootering. As an added bonus, there’s one of the best playgrounds in Sydney to stop for a break.