Life with kids in Sydney's Inner West
Life with kids in Sydney's Inner West

Shaun the Sheep – Farmageddon

Shaun the Sheep and his Woolly sidekicks are back in a fantastic new offering from Aardman Animation – and this time they are heading to outer space!

When an alien, Lu-La,  crash lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun sets off on a mission to help his new intergalactic friend get home before an evil organisation, MAD (Ministry of Alien Detection) can capture her. The whole Flock, Bitzer and Shaun get involved to help Lu-La get home – while the ever unsuspecting Farmer launches his new theme park “Farmageddon” in an attempt to cash in on the alien sightings.

We were lucky enough to see an early screening of the movie and it was fantastic! The animation is incredible as always and there are some serious laugh out loud moments for both the kids and parents. The supermarket scene had us all in stitches!

The movie runs for 87 minutes and is suitable for the whole family – perfect for a school holiday outing this summer!

A Shaun the Sheep Movie FARMAGEDDON is in cinemas on 9 January 2020




Shaun the Sheep - Farmageddon


Jan 09 2020 - Feb 28 2020

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