Life with kids in Sydney's Inner West
Life with kids in Sydney's Inner West

Goblin Kitchen & Bar, Summer Hill

This gorgeous suburban cafe serves breakfast and lunch by day and transforms itself into a lovely little wine bar some evenings for degustation dinners, food and wine tastings and other special events. The space is available to hire for your special event too.

The indoor space has plenty of room, and then there’s a very generous outside area (good weather only) to the rear. A great spot for kids, although there’s also plenty of room for a pram or two inside.

The menu uses many house made ingredients with lots of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options available for most menu items. The focus of Owner/Chef Eliot Ritchie is on fresh, seasonal produce with a classic breakfast menu – Bacon & Egg Roll, Granola & Fruit and eggs are all available and so are many other options.

There’s a pretty decent Kids Menu too, Toast Soldiers with Ham & Cheese, Scrambled Eggs or Mini Ricotta Hotcakes, they also serve kids size d drinks. It’s a simple but well thought out menu.

This is a licensed cafe, serving alcohol from 10am, and as such also have a small but local wine list and a cocktail menu.

So we had to do breakfast one weekday morning as a result of getting kicked out of the house by the builders! We decided to check out the Golblin since we’d heard good things – and they were all true! This is a cafe with a great feel, it looks like a relatively new funky fit-out, exposed brick, dark wood and really comfortable seats – which you don’t always get let’s face it! The outside area is great but not the best in the wet. It would be an excellent choice if you’ve got one of those kids who can’t keep their bottom on a chair! The kids will love the Goblin murals all around the cafe, inside, outside and even in the bathroom – they’re so cool! The staff in this cafe were great too, friendly and efficient and just seemed to be there when you wanted them and not when you didn’t.

It’s not that often that we get to delight in a cafe breakfast these days, unless it’s lunch-time and it’s been one of those days…. so I was looking forward to some eggs. The menu is full of all the items you’d expect on a breakfast menu such as a Bacon and Free Range Egg Roll with Rocket and Goblin Tomato Relish ($9), Eggs Bennie comes with wilted spinach and your choice of Bacon, Mushrooms, ham or salmon ($16), a selection of toast with spreads ($6), Paleo & GF Granola with Seasonal Fruit & Organic Yoghurt ($14) and Ricotta Hotcakes with Fruit & Honeycomb Butter ($16)… seriously how do you choose?

I liked the look of the Granola but ordered eggs – I’m out, I want someone to cook for me not pour cereal into a bowl! I know I’m over-simplifying the whole granola construction process but I can’t help how I feel! The little person ordered the kids Mini Ricotta Hotcakes. Something they do have here are kid sized drinks, thanks Goblin – nothing annoys me more than paying $7.50 for an adult sized drink that is

  1.  left partly unfinished
  2.  spilt on table, lap and floor
  3. fully drunk and necessitating an emergency bathroom stop inconveniently about 20 minutes after leaving the cafe (where there was a toilet) or
  4. Most of the Above.

It’s the small things people…

The eggs were great – two fried organic eggs, served with 2 pieces of sourdough, I also ordered a side of mushrooms and bacon. Those mushrooms were delicious, garlicky goodness right there! A great meal, I though it was a little pricey for $20 all up – especially considering the comparable order of Eggs Benedict on the menu is $16, but it was fab and I’d pay for it again. Mini Ricotta Hotcakes ($9) from the kids menu were lovely too, they were almost crispy around the edge, melted in your mouth (and mine!).

The coffee here deserves a special mention, many of you may know how I feel about coffee – this was one of the best long blacks I’ve had in a long time! Lovely flavour, hot, lovely crema I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’d come back here for the coffee alone even if the food was rubbish – which it isn’t! Win! Win!

I’d love to come back and try out their evening offerings, that would mean scheduling a Date Night – and for it to coincide with one of the events on at the Goblin is probably unrealistic but I’ll keep my eye on it! Highly recommended and one of the Best of the Inner West.


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Jun 01 2016

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