Life with kids in Sydney's Inner West
Life with kids in Sydney's Inner West

Crepe House Cafe, Earlwood

This lovely little cafe in Earlwood has a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner crepes with a lovely Mediterranean/Greek flavour. It’s a cafe so coffee or even gelato is also an option!

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner this cafe is ALWAYS open!

The menu is packed full of some amazing crepe options as is the Specials Board. The menu is divided into Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner savoury and sweet crepes or design your own crepe from a truly huge list of fillings!

There’s also a kids menu with both sweet and savoury options. They also offer gluten, egg and dairy free crepe base options.

We dropped in for an unplanned visit to the Crepe House Cafe as an easy Sunday night dinner option when Mum just couldn’t get it together and put some food on the table! We are so glad we did, the kids were throwing “high fives” for not having baked beans on toast and Mum’s always been a sucker for a crepe so everyone was happy even before the food arrived!

The cafe is small but big enough, there’s about a dozen tables and plenty of room for family groups and prams too. The service is great, really friendly staff who go out of their way to welcome you (and the kids) and get you seated comfortably and quickly. The cafe is bright, clean and has a great atmosphere.

The crepe menu is extensive! There are breakfast crepes or savoury crepes for lunch or dinner and of course, sweet crepes! There is also the option to make your own from a huge list of ingredients. Many of the savoury crepes have a Greek or Mediterranean feel to them with names like Zeus, Atlas, Poseidon and Apollo. They all look sooo good!

We only planned on eating savoury but after that Plan B – The Dessert Plan – was swiftly put into action! For savoury the kids chose a Kouros – Ham, Cheese, Pineapple and Tomato Sauce ($12), now there’s absolutely no way I would ever entertain eating a crepe with tomato sauce anywhere near it but out it came that way and the kids loved it! The adults chose a Hermes – Turkey Breast, Cheese, Bacon, Mushrooms, Baby Spinach and Red Sauce ($15) which was delicious! The Red Sauce was like a cross between a sauce and a tangy salad dressing, yum! We also had one of the Specials ($17) which had fries inside, not french fries but those little potato chip things which went soft inside the crepe… sounds terrible, tastes amazing!

So savoury crepes were closely followed by sweet crepes. The kids Myra was a hit, with m&ms, white chocolate and sprinkles ($3.50), the adults chose the Artemis – think mars Bars, Oreos & Maltesers surrounded by Nutella ($16) and a Peanut Butter, Snickers and Banana creation from the Specials Board ($16)! Yes… next time we’re walking here….

There are plenty of drinks on the menu too, the coffee is excellent and they also have a full range of smoothies, milkshakes and soft drinks. There is a kids surprise drink too ($5) which is basically a juice with a container underneath it that holds a little surprise toy.

This place is going to become a staple for us I believe. The servings are generous but not stupidly large as crepes can sometimes be. You can also order your crepe to go or as a hand-held option. Service was very friendly and fast. If you love your crepes… this is the cafe for you!


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Feb 26 2017

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