Life with kids in Sydney's Inner West
Life with kids in Sydney's Inner West

Cathy Freeman Park, Sydney Olympic Park

Located right next to ANZ Stadium and slap bang in the centre of Sydney’s Olympic Park precinct, this park is worth a visit. With playground facilities, wide open space (dogs allowed on a leash) and of course the Olympic cauldron it’s a fun day out. Cathy Freeman park is home to Movies by the Boulevard and also some Kids in the Park school holiday program activities.


There are two playgrounds at the park, one clearly newer than the other. The older one is of the yellow and blue plastic variety – still great for the tiniest of us. It’s a little person size and is pleasantly surrounded by trees with lots of shade.

The newer playground is much larger with a solid roof and is more suitable for older kids. There’s plenty of unique playground equipment in this very modern playground.


There is no better fun than this unique water play feature! The Olympic cauldron rains down water – perfect for scootering or running through. There’s a lot of water too so don’t be surprised when you get saturated!

Best Parking

P1 & P6

Cathy Freeman 5
Cathy Freeman 3
Cathy Freeman 4


Playground facilities (not fenced)
Toilet facilities
Cafe nearby (Cafe at Waterview)
Scooter/bike friendly
Drinking fountain
Other Sydney Olympic Park facilities are close by (Monster Skate park, Aquatic Centre, Showground)



Apr 01 2018

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